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1.0. General Greetings

2.0. We hear people often say that our children are our future. But as students, you should see yourselves as leaders of that future. You must understand that that future is just here. In the entertainment world, you are ‘Generation Next’.

3.0. Make no mistake about it, the future is already here. As a Christian I believe in God’s grace as a catalyst in the lives of men, particularly ordinary men. But I also know, that the Canaan first miracle of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, would have been impossible if those who were asked to fill the jars with water did not do so. The simple message is that every human being must of necessity take positive actions if we expect our situations to be better even through the grace, miracle-working power and benevolence of God

4.0. It follows therefore that as students, the choices you make today will determine your position in society tomorrow. It will determine your impact on our world. It will speak for you if you believe in service to humanity. My prayer is that it will speak positively for you. It will take you to great heights. It will open new channels of opportunities for the world.

5.0. As your Senator today, I expect that one of you would aspire to occupy this seat tomorrow. I expect you to aspire to be governors, commissioners, presidents, professionals and technocrats that will shape a better future.

6.0. You must dare to dream, take positive action to realise your dreams and beliefs. You can become another Mack Zuckerberg, the founder of and prime mover behind Facebook. You are the next leader in innovation the world is waiting for. You company or business is the next big thing the world is waiting for. You must dare to dream big and pursue your dreams.

7.0. Inspired by the poem, Invictus, Nelson Mandela, a black man like you and I, and one of the great leaders of all time, wrote: “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” May I strongly advise you as my very own to take your fate in your hands in positive ways. You have to make up your mind to lead in your generation.

8.0. But to lead, you must cross hurdles of life. It is easy to look at external hurdles and forget that some of the greatest hurdles of life are within ourselves.

9.0. Let me tell you, the greatest hurdle to leadership is character. You must build a character account that people can trust. You must be reliable. Your integrity should be high enough to instantly reject whatever that is not of good conscience.

10.0. Yes, people will speak ill about you, including those who do not know you well. You will be unjustly vilified and haunted. These have happened to me. So, I speak from personal experience in this regard. Such hurts, but you must learn to forgive and continue your journey of live. You must always remain focused. That is the way to go if you must realise your vision.

11.0. Let me seize this opportunity to advise every one of you here to focus your positive energies on your academics. There is a time for everything. Don’t be distracted by divisive partisan politics. Don’t go around begging to be used by politicians. Don’t be a willing tool for electoral crimes. Don’t be a criminal in the name of party politics. You are great people. You cannot allow anyone lure you to be less than who you are.

12.0. I want to see you at the top. I am here to ensure that you are integrated into national opportunities. By the grace of God, I will discharge that responsibility to the glory of God.

13.0. May God bless you; bless the Urhobo Nation which I am privileged to represent here in the Red Chambers; bless our beautiful Delta State and bless Nigeria our Country.


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