With Corruption a bag of pure water was N80, Without Corruption a bag of pure water is N150. 

With Corruption a dollar was equivalent to N180, without corruption a dollar went to N400.

With Corruption there is 20hrs electricity at low tariff, without Corruption there is only about 7hours electricity with 45% increase in tariff.

With Corruption there was abundant fuel, without corruption the fuel comes and goes.

With Corruption Keke takes N50 for along, without Corruption keke takes N100.

With Corruption the smallest Indomine is N40, without Corruption it is N60. and the list continues… 

Now you go to shops to buy foodstuff and they tell you dollar has increased and many more testimonies…

If with corruption Dollar can be N180 and without corruption a Dollar is now N425, Brother and Sisters, you will agree with me that we need corruption in this country… cause Titus Sandine started with 4 fishes, it reduced to 3, then now its 2… soon one will see “Try Again” no fish at this time. 

Lol… Dear Reader comment, what do you think? 

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