LEGIT JOKE | 6 things you can do if you have one hour left to live!

Do you know what purpose does your life hold? Let’s assume you are 20 something. In these 20 years, have you ever planned about your future.Of course not! You like to live by the slogan YOLO and why wouldn’t you? Now, Imagine a scenario where you are told you have just one more hour to live. What will you do? Have you ever thought about this? Well, of course you didn’t. Who thinks about their death? But now that the topic is fresh, these are the 6 things you should do if you have just 1 hour to live:

1. Letter to Family:
In the first 10 minutes, Write a letter to your family. Calling them would certainly be a better option but you would not want to die in remorse of not having met them one last time or you would definitely not like to tell your family about that. Never do that. Or else they would start partying 1 hour earlier than they would.

2. Call up your haters:
In the next 10 minutes, call up all your haters and abuse them like you always wanted to. Speak your heart out. Yeah, 10 minutes is pretty less for that but all your life you have been compromising, compromise on this too. Just make sure they are at a good distance from you. You just have 50 minutes left and you would certainly not want to get even less.

3. Log out!
Open your Laptop or mobile and log out of all the social accounts you have. Delete all the messages and schedule some posts for the next one week after you die. Make it creepy enough for all your friends to actually feel the heat. You were boring all your life, at least be interesting after you die. This would take another 10 minutes.

4. Clear History:
You have committed so much crime, so much evils that only your web browser knows about. Do you want the world to know that you actually looked for midget p0rn online? Do you want the world to know that you actually signed up for the thing where 20 hot strangers nearby are waiting for you? No, right! Spend another 10 minutes of your life clearing your web browser history. Yes, it will take 10 minutes. Do you think all those petty crimes you did will be cleared in seconds?

5. Pranks:
You have been a boring, scared person all your life and you have done nothing exciting in your life. Spend another 10 minutes playing prank on people around you. Point at someone on the road and shout “You’re one of them!” Run and pretend to trip. Crawl away slowly. Another good one would be buying a donut and then complaining to the manager that there is a hole in it. 2 pranks for 10 minutes. You don’t have much time fool. Be happy with this.

6. Make love:
No, don’t make love to a potato. Oh Sorry! I forgot you don’t have a girlfriend. Yeah, a potato might do too but this is the last 10 minutes of your life. Why would you want to do the same thing you have been doing all your life? If you can’t make love, spread love, make the day of beggars who haven’t found anything to eat. Distribute all your money to charity and sign up for giving away your organ once you die.

Now is the time to die. Die in the most dramatic way you could ever think of. Go to a busy road, stand in the middle of it and start falling in the most filmy way like you are shot. This is it. You are gone. You are dead. Happy After life!


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