Reflect on the first moments of the year 2015. You had goals to start a business, learn a new skill, step up your career or even lose weight. So, how is it going? Good? Derailed? Indifferent? More often than not, we set goals for ourselves and imagine it to be a seamless journey to our destination but we rarely ever put into consideration the obstacles and distractions that will lure us from it. 

A couple of which are: 

1.Excessive online shopping: It is so darn easy to get stuff these days with the e-commerce shops popping up all over the place. One minute you’re browsing through your social media feeds and the next thing you know, you’re the proud owner of a shiny new blender that you don’t really need.

excessive online shopping has a strong hold on our saving culture but once you understand what your priorities are and ensure they come first, this would not be a problem!

2.Turn up(s). Yes, TGIF but how about actually turning up with something productive like reading a good book or catching up on the latest trends in the world and your industry?
You see, not every time turn up. Sometime, stay indoors and read a good book.

3.Hair and makeup: Ladies you know we can’t skip this. First came the Brazilians and everyone went bonkers and then the Indians came after, next Peruvian, and Mongolian and then a whole lot more weaves from the farthest ends of the world.
You see, we do not have a crime against you looking good but it is just not wise doing that at the expense of your bank account. Please understand that there will always be newer, fuller, bouncier, curlier weaves so, the question is, is this lifestyle sustainable and would you rather have investments for yourself or contribute to another billionaires investment from the Himalayas?

4.Clothes: Spending all your money and allowances to look rich is just bad. Stop it! That’s hustling backwards.
5.Wanting to be like others: It is almost impossible to see folks on social media and somewhere within ourselves, we wished we were just like them, right? Well, focus on developing yourself and forget what you see on Instagram. Nobody has it easy and we all have our personal struggles.

In essence, set priorities for your goals. A major part of successful living lies in the ability to put first things first. The reason most major goals are not achieved is because we spend our time doing second things first. So, what are the kinds of challenges you battle with? Please share them with us in the comment section.


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