[Must Read] 9 Popular Lines Most Nigerian Men Often Use to Woo the Ladies

Nigerian men are known to be great lovers. listed are some of the most hilarious lines they use very often when trying to woo a woman.

A social media user simply known as tosyn2much has compiled a list of hilarious cliches most men use to woo women in Nigeria.
Below is what he wrote:

1. Your face looks Familiar
This is the commonly used punchline that guys use to approach ladies and grab their attention. Take for example, if a lady schooled at Uniben and the guy that wants to approach her schooled at Lagos State university; the guy will be like; please excuse me, your face looks familiar, are you a law student at Ebonyi State university? From there, convo don start be that

2. Has anyone ever told you how Beautiful you look?
Since ladies like to be flattered, therefore, guys employ all sort of exaggerations when approaching a lady just to her attention. When ladies are being flattered, this will however reduce their chances of being bashed cheesy

3. Are you an okro Seller? How come you keep Drawing me Closer?
As funny as it sounds, I have used it to approach a lady. The guy will walk up the lady and will be like, do you sell okra at all? cos I don’t just know why my heart keeps drawing close to you each time I set my eyes on you

4. Can you spare me a Minute of your Time?
Even if the guy intends to spend two hours of her time, he will always say he only demands one minute of her time. This punchline normally work when the lady is in a hurry. Don’t be surprised that the one minute may turn to five hours if care is not taken cheesy

5. Please can you direct me to my Destination?
Some guys will pretend as if they don’t know their destination and will use that as a leverage to approach a girl. For example, the guy walks up to the lady and he’d be like; hello! Please I’m going to Ekiti and don’t know the right route to take. Please, how far is it? is it possible I trek from Ikeja to Ekiti? Oga go sit down jawe cheesy

6. Do you Stay in this area ?
I’m guilty of this one since I don’t know how to approach a lady. This reminds me when I wanted to woo a new occupant in our house sometime last year. After few months of shyness whether to approach her or not. One day, I took the courage to approach her and I was like, ” wooow!! I never knew we had such a pretty lady in this compound” I further inquired if she stays in this area and she was like whatdafcck !!! Haven’t you been seeing me?

7. You are too Pretty to be walking under this scorching Sun.
This statement is used when a guy is driving and spots a lady. This is to blow a lady’s mind and make her look like a goddess. The guy would be like, hello angel, you are too pretty to be walking under this intense sun. Can I give u a lift?cheesy

8. God Said you are my Wife
This method is used by religious zealous. Since they walk in realm of the Holy spirit, they often see revelations of the future happenings and this is not limited to future happenings but also their future wife. When the Holy spirit shows to them the picture of future wives, they will go directly to the lady and will tell her that God showed to me that you are my future wife. Funny enough, some smart guys who don’t even know the route to church also adopt this format that the Holy spirit revealed to them to woo a particular lady.

9. Hi ! Can we be Friends?
Guys use this format so that the lady will not think they are up to something. The funniest thing is that, the person who said he only wanted to be a friend will her end up wooing her few days later

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