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Applied conscientiously, the human will is a force for enormous good. Just a question of choice. That power of choice that makes one stand unshakably to challenge obstacles to the free exchange of goodness between humans. In this context, whatever makes exchange of human goodness impossible or difficult between leaders and followers. Herein lies very deep questions of society.

A genuine desire to answer these deep questions has often brought out the best of humanity with the rising of great leaders who courageously bent the arc of history towards a better future for all. Leaders who bore even mirror shame of the crucifixion to prevail. Leaders who became unwilling because indeed, “there comes a time when men are tired”. Tired because human they are.

But shall men be tired even when life, no matter how insignificant, abounds in them? Little life that may just save theirs and the next generation! Shall men be tired knowing that the divine hand that controls the affairs of men is also the miraculous hand that often supplies strength to the wary? Shall men go wary just because Persia queens chose to hold divine destinies hostage? Knowing that if we fail in the days of adversity then faith is no faith, what shall we do? As with the Israelites, shall we use a ‘majority report’ of 10 spies to defeat Joshua and Caleb’s ‘minority report’ founded on God’s “milk and honey” report? What shall we do?

We know that human freedom comes when men refuse to give up hope. The spirit that opposes human goodness eventually fails when the human spirit is defiant and indomitable.

And so, let it be known to all, we shall not bow to lies told by thieves and endorsed by more or greater thieves. We are fortunate to have Great Ovedje Ogboru as a shining symbol of our persistent struggle and everyone of good conscience salutes this great man of true love for a better society for all. But then, ours is about our values and the society we want for our children and their children. It is beyond ourselves. We cannot therefore stop.

And so, let it be known that a new phase in vibrant, trusted and credible opposition politics was born yesterday in Delta. The Supreme Court decision is only but a catalyst for our immense capacities to checkmate bad governance in our state. Whoever thinks it would kill our spirit make a huge mistake. That decision is a battle cry to decrease, decimate and finish the PDP in Delta.

Whoever thinks that apologies must rain down like manna for him when civilized steps are taken to hold him to account must be naive, mistaken, and squarely foolish. He is a court jester. Henceforth, every word spoken by Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa shall be considered on its merit and politically treated. Any step he takes shall be similarly treated. His shenanigans in Delta will be highlighted maximally. We serve him constructive notice to increase his media and publicity budget now because we shall task and tackle him on all vital fronts. We can only promise to remain who we are – civilized. But we shall go blazing and blaring against his patently mediocre governance.

Let’s thank one another for standing firm and being revived by that which sought to hold us down.

I am Henry Efe Duku.



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