Here is why Toyin Aimakhu’s reality show might be a bigger hit than Omotola’s

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If both Omotola and Toyin air their shows at the same time, Toyin would win hands down.

Toyin Aimakhu aka ‘favourite actress to bully by barely-able-to-communicate-in-English Instagram Users’ announced to us all that she is going the Reality TV route.

While I would like to ask what, when, how, why and ‘ees like something is not right’, I have decided to accept my fate.

Ah-mean, no light, no fuel, no change, who am I to complain that Aunty Toyin wants to lighten up our screens with her light skin?

I know I said it before but again, I have accepted my fate.

And like a true Nigerian, I have even become content in the process.

I wee even say thank you

However, I don’t think Omotola Jalade would like the idea.

Here’s why:

In recent times, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has not been relevant on screen with any movie whatsoever, neither has she been relevant even as a guest on Interviews. In fact, I think I can say the only screen Omotola has been relevant on is our phone screens and that is even highly debatable.
[post_ad]Now, you may argue that she had a successful first season but how long ago was that first season again? Plus, how much fun was it?

However, Toyin Aimakhu may constantly receive backlash for choosing to remain single, away from her estranged husband Adeniyi Johnson but, in recent times, her life has been way more interesting.

From her sometimes tacky weaves, to her refusal to bow to the backlash, to her decision to even employ a stylist, her life seems way more colorful and interesting (we cannot but say thanks to the colorful weaves at this point).

And most definitely, would be of interest to TV watchers.

Now, while nobody is pitting both women against each other, you may like to remember that in Nigeria, we like to follow one person at a time.

For us, there is always that major brand/entertainer that does it for us at a time.

And I can say, that if both Omotola and Toyin air their shows at the same time, Toyin would win hands down.

Because, more fun.



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