Am not proud to say this but I have been dying with this for the past few months now. When I was pregnant few months back my husband traveled for a course and asked his younger brother to come stay with me so that I can at least have someone to send errand .

He was very nice and humble, he will gist with me ,cook for me and drive me to the hospital for anti natal, I started getting use to him , sometimes we will gist and dose off in my room , or in the sitting room . He will take me out and make me feel loved, the boy was everything my husband was not , so I started lusting after him, I wanted more, I wanted a man to hold me in my condition, make love to me and make me happy . When ever I call my husband he will never pick or claim he is busy . So I taught of what to do, so one day I went into Emekas room when I knew he would be coming out of the bath , so immediately he came out, I stripped naked and went on my knees, begging him to touch me. He quickly dragged the bed sheet and covered me up, but I was crying and begging him. 

He cried with me also and was begging me to stop, I started touching him, he was trying to be careful with me cause of my condition, but I was forcing myself on him, until he finally gave in . As he did it he was crying, but I was enjoying it, until I got to orgasm but he did not cum , so he jumped out and ran off the house.

I did not see him for one week, so when he got back, I noticed his room was locked , so I knocked and knocked but no response, for 2days, then I got worried and asked a neighbor to break the door, this boy had attempted killing him self with expired drugs . So we rushed him to the hospital. Am glad his getting better but he insisted we tell his brother my husband, so that he can have his peace of mind . Pls am dying inside, should I confess to my husband or just die with my secret .. My marriage or his peace of mind ??


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