Students injured in University of Ibadan and matriculation rite suspended


The protest became staged through non-educational staff union over non-remittance of deductions and unpaid agreed allowance.
the ongoing protest on the university of Ibadan has triggered the school authorities to suspend the Matriculation ceremony which became scheduled for Thursday, March 10.

It has also been found out that four students were allegedly injured because the protest became extra violent.

The protest become staged through non-educational body of workers union over non-remittance of deductions and unpaid agreed allowance.

the day before today, March 9, 4 inexperienced persons had been injured while students, three,500 of them, were accrued for an orientation programme and the people from three non instructional unions emerged to disrupt court cases.

Vice Chancellor of the organization, Professor Idowu Olayinka said of the incident, “whilst seeking to run for protection, about 4 students had been critically injured and they have been taken to the college medical is so unfortunate that the freshers had been uncovered to vigorous union protest, it could have been your daughter or my own son.”

He introduced it become higher to have students over 3,500 safe and sound than going in advance with the matriculation and risking their lives.

Olayinka additionally mentioned that the allowances being clamored for through the unions amounted to about N76 million naira month-to-month which is out of doors the allocations to the college and unrealistic in view of the existing monetary stress dealing with the institution.


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