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Your utterances can tarnish your reputation and make your exit out of the organization quick and easy. Being whiny, haughty and showing displeasure for the job at all times is the easiest way to get you out the door and leave you jobless in no time. Here are some top five-career killers.

That’s not my Job
Regardless of how inconvenient the request from your boss is, you should never tell him/her that you aren’t paid enough to carry out a request or it isn’t in your job description. Except it is life threatening or sexually inappropriate, every opportunity counts for the advancement of your career.
I hate this company/I hate my job

No matter who you say it to. Be it a close colleague or to your boss, this is the fastest way to tank your career! It shows immaturity and reflects poorly on you. If you have an issue with someone or something, communicate the problem effectively with consideration.
Your Idea is silly
Regardless of how dumb an idea sounds, never throw out a colleague’s idea/opinion without having a good one to back it up. Irrespective of that, it is bad work ethics to regard someone else’s idea as silly.

It’s not fair!
You probably didn’t get the raise or the promotion was given to someone else. Big deal! All around the world, injustices happen on the job every single day! So instead of whining, document facts, build up a case for yourself and present it to the person/group that can help you.
It’s your fault!
Lashing out and blaming others not only doesn’t solve the problem at hand, it wrecks business relationships and can seriously hurt your career. Instead, focus on solving the problem and then, when things are quieter, find out how to prevent it from happening again.


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