Will you attend the Married between Your Ex and Your Mother ?

Girl who lost her man to her mom says she won’t be attending their wedding.

Next year, when Marie Summers, a grandmother-of-7, ties the knot with Anthony Key, her daughter, Danni, will be missing because she can’t bring herself to watch her mum wed the man she stole from her. Danni split from Anthony after he confessed to having s*x with her mum.
[post_ad]Danni says: “I won’t be going to the wedding because it would be awkward for us all. I can’t forget what happened, but I have forgiven my mum and I’m happy for her. I’ve learnt the true meaning of the saying ‘blood is thicker than water.’

You only get one mum. I had a choice: get over it or lose her. I wasn’t ready to let her go. People might think I’m mad for forgiving her, but she’s my mum and I love her. I thought it was just s*x or a cheap affair, but they are in love and Anthony isn’t going anywhere, so I have to deal with that.”

Danni was just 17 when she started dating Anthony, now 34. Danni says: “I knew Anthony was a bit of a charmer and a player, but he was really keen on me. Mum remarked that Anthony was quite good-looking, but I didn’t think anything of it.

I had my own place, but we’d go round to Mum’s quite a lot. 6 months into the relationship, Anthony took a bad fall on his ankle and spent weeks bedridden at my mum’s place. And that was when I lost him.”….. If truly she has forgiven her mom, she needs to attend d wedding…..


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