Nigerians are arguably some of the most funny, colourful and entertaining characters that exist on planet earth. This fact is most evident when you attend a Nigerian party. If you’ve attended one, here are three characters that you have definitely come across at some point during the party.
The Stepper

Every Nigerian party is guaranteed to have a Michael Jackson of the night. He/she can be found sweating profusely in the middle of the dance floor, dancing shoes fully activated and the latest moves whole heartedly demonstrated.

This stepper usually makes it onto a viral social media video. Whether the viral video is creating so much buzz because of the person in questions dancing skills is definitely open to debate.

The “Eat & Quench”

We are all very familiar with the food monger at the party. This character came to the party for one reason only- to eat as much as their belly will allow and take as many take away packs as possible. If your aunt or mom has ever been the food monger, you have most likely found yourself doing the walk of shame down the party hall while carrying endless cans of Orijin Zero and containers of rice and chicken to the car. Be strong. At least you have Orijin Zero and Jollof for lunch tomorrow.

The Party Gift Packer

There is always that one person that you see lurking, reaching and doing backflips over tables to get every single free gift that is being distributed in the party. They tap you and ask you if you’ll need the ‘Auntie Kemi Turns 50’ mug on your table and look highly disappointed when you tell them you will. The amusing thing about the party gift packer is that he/she will probably never use these things that they’re tirelessly packing. Even worse, they will probably end up giving them away as birthday, Christmas and wedding gifts. How thoughtful.

On that note, you’ve got to love these characters because they are truly the life of every Nigerian party. Don’t forget when you’re at your next Nigerian turn up to eat, drink, stay refreshed with Orijin and smile because there’s no party like a Nigerian one.

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