7 Names You Don’t Want To Give Your Child In Nigeria

Firstly, this is Nigeria and there is the need to carefully review the kind of names we give our children.

We are a nation with a deep rooted belief for culture and value.

While many people prefer to give their children foreign names, many people do not want to lose touch with the culture we have tried to preserve for years.
[post_ad]That being said, there are some indigenous names you dare not name your child in this present age and day.

Not only are these names bastardized, they have become a subject of ridicule amongst people.

Some names in Nigeria depict stupidity and go on to portray the bearers of such names as people who are not smart and are naturally silly.

It should be known that the names you give a child go a long way in that child’s future.

A child named after wealth could become immensely rich people would start to marvel at his or her success.

Give a child a name that means bitterness and you would be surprised to see that child goes through trials and tribulations all through his life.

Without wasting much time, check out some of the names you may not want to name a child in Nigeria:

1. Akpos
Please if your wife is expecting a child, do not include Akpos when you are compiling names to give that child.

Akpos have become the joke of the century in Nigeria and is being used wildly in the entertainment world.

People who bear this name are so dumb they could hardly make sentences that are filled with good points.

This character may stick to your unborn child as he may never be taken serious.

2. Sule
This name has Islamic background. Many Nigerians now use it when they want to mock people.

A person being called Sule may not necessarily have that as his original name but then it means the person is not smart or intelligent.

Calling a person that is aimed at making him or her know he is acting silly or actually silly. If you go on naming your child that, don’t say we did not warn you.

3. Alice
This is the name most maids bear in Nigeria.

We are sorry if that is your name but then, we are sure you would not want to name your child that too.

Moreover, the name is becoming archaic so why bother naming your daughter that? Or do you want your child to become somebody’s maid in the nearest future?

4. Ekaette
This is a Calabar name and if you are familiar with people from this part of Nigeria, you would know they are wonderful cooks.

There is really no problem giving your daughter this name if you have dreams of her becoming a cook.

Most of the girls portrayed as Ekaette are not just good in the kitchen; they have an added advantage when it comes to bedroom skills if you know what we mean.

5. Muri
This is a bit sad as we have a hero with the name Muritala.

Yes we know people are trying to make the name sound more ‘Behind’ by coming up with ‘funkified’ versions of it. But forget that, Muri would always be Muri in Nigeria.

And you definitely do not want to be called that or make an innocent child go through the agony of being mocked.

6. Dejo
This is a popular character in the Yoruba film industry but you do not want to have a child named that.

Like all the other names mentioned here, this name has a meaning and it is rather unfortunate that the beauty of this name is being replaced with chronic stupidity.

Call your son Dejo and watch people add ‘Tufulu’ as the suffix.

7. Okoro
This is an Igbo name but people generally believe that a person called this has to be bald or someone with receding hairline.

Why do you want your child a name like that? But then, you could ignore this and wake up to see your hairy child bald.

Please do not go challenge your mother in-law abeg oh!

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