Kenya Bans Coca-Cola Advert Over Kissing Scene [VIDEO]

Kenya Bans Coca-Cola Advert – A Coca-Cola TV commercial has been banned in Kenya over a kissing scene, which was tagged immoral.  

Kenya Bans Coca-Cola Advert

According to the country’s Film Classification Board (KFCB), the video “violated family values,” and Coca-Cola was asked to take the advert down.

The part of the video that caused the argument lasted all of 3 seconds, and featured two strangers kissing in a library. It wouldn’t be the first time the KFCB would ban a video over moral grounds, with the board having previously filed a complaint with YouTube over a video that showed homosexual relationships.

Coca-Cola has agreed to redo the commercial without that scene, with KFCB’s head Ezekiel Mutua saying “Coca-Cola has agreed to release a new version of the commercial without the scene.”

Watch the ad below!

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