Olajumoke Orisaguna Remembers Her Roots – Gifts 40 Bread Hawkers N5,000 Each

Olajumoke Orisaguna has not forgotten her humble beginnings. The former bread seller reportedly dolled out money to 40 bread hawkers – giving the sum of N5,000 each on April 19.

When asked about her new apartment fully furnished by Sujimoto on a five-year deal and what the best part of he new place was, the grass-to-grace model said she enjoys every bit of the apartment adding that the best part is the bedroom.

She said it was a huge change compared to sleeping on bakery floors noting that it feels nice for her children to have their own room. The model revealed that her morning routine includes praying, cooking, cleaning, wakeing of the children then the family meal.
[post_ad]Speaking on what her husband does for a living, Olajumoke told Encomium Weekly that he makes aluminium windows, adding that they both are working to improve his business.

She however said she does not miss hawking. She added that she is focused on finishing school and facing her modeling business squarely.


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