The problem is, Wizkid thinks he’s Chris Brown


While in the US, Wizkid was seen hanging out with celebrities like Chris Brown. Photo: Instagram

Morning, hot tea is served.
[post_ad]Here is what the cause is for national concern today, award winning and internationally recognized Artiste Ayo ‘Wizkid’ Balogun thinks he’s Chris Brown.

Days ago, Sunday to be exact, Chris Brown, sorry Wizkid made certain distasteful comments about Linda Ikeji.

Just because she reported about his quit notice and said the house that he said was his – isn’t his.

Anyway, me I’m not here to talk about both of them. They have plenty money that I don’t have yet so why would I be having an opinion about two rich people’s fight?

Ah-mean two elephants are fighting, is it now me the grass that will talk? And yes, I’m grass, the economy is eating me.

Abi is it not eating you? But I digress.

So Wizkid after hearing about his quit notice went in hard on Linda, talking about her lady parts and making misogynistic comments.

Now, that’s a problem. Wizkid has hopped on the foreign Hip hop moral decadence Plane and now he thinks he’s fly and can say literally anything like they do.

Problem is he’s not half as talented and this is not America. One would have thought that was obvious.

Go off at me all you want but his behaviour needs to be checked and he needs to keep some certain words out of his mouth when he wants to express his anger.

Ain’t nobody telling you not to be angry, we’re just saying, don’t be stupid about it.

Now, that said, let’s get back to our fuel queues.

Source: TNS


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