Top 10 Cookie Lyon quotes on show – Empire

Since the debut of FOX’s hit series “Empire,” Cookie Lyon played by Taraji P Henson, has always found a way to entertain viewers with her acting skills, fashion sense and of course, with her few choice words. 


Taraji P Henson as Cookie Lyon in “Empire” (Pinterest)
We here at legit9ja have put together our favourite Cookie Lyon quotes. Check them out below;

1. “Boo Boo Kitty, just ’cause I asked Jesus to forgive you, don’t mean I do.”

2. “The streets ain’t made for everybody. That’s why they made sidewalks.”

3. “God, please do not withhold your blessings, even from ho’s that hire skunks to spy on me.”

4. “I know what Hakeem needs, and it’s not some debutante with a bougie ear who doesn’t want to disturb her pearls.”

5. “Get rid of fake-ass Halle Berry. As long as she’s around, I’m closed for business.”

Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard as Cookie and Lucious Lyon (EW)

6. “You want Cookie’s nookie? Ditch the b—-!”

7. “You think I came dressed like this for a friendly get together.”

8. “Uh-buh-buh, oh now you can’t speak English?”

9. “I bring so much to the table to be trying to compete with a bi**h over leftovers.”

10. “Better be glad I don’t feel like no scene today because I’d shut it down.”

Cookie Lyon (Twitter )

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