Vince Staples: “My Credit Score is Looking Crazy Right Now”

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The classic signs of success for an accomplished rapper usually include lavish items like fancy cars and jewelry. But Vince Staples isn’t worried about all of that. Asked by KMEL radio host BIGVON to describe the fruits of his labor, he responded, “My credit score is looking crazy right now.”

“We might have to start flippin’ houses. They think I’m a white man before I show up where I’m showing up,” he laughed. “It’s crazy. You know how much my cable bill is? No installation fees or nothin’… I be living. All because of hip-hop.”
[post_ad]When the host attempted to change the topic to his outspoken words on hip-hop, Staples brought it right back to his impressive credit score, saying, “It’s okay because when it comes down to it, it’s the credit score. That’s what matters at the end of the day and we doing good right there. If I get my credit score to 800, I’m going to buy hip-hop. Off a little loan. Know what I mean? City National Bank, low interest loan. I’m going to go half with Jay-Z. Because I got the credit, he got the money. It be like that sometimes.”

No one gives more entertaining interviews than Vince right now. Watch the conversation above, which also includes his thoughts on hip-hop lyrics that are demeaning to women, doing features, new music, and more.


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