4 simple Etiquettes For Using A Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are popular around the world. It has made taking pictures easy. You simply attach your camera to a pole which allows you to get awesome selfie angles and click!
[post_ad]However, some people have plunged to their death while attempting to take selfies from incredible heights. For example, the Daily mail, UK reported that a Chinese man fell off a 100-foot cliff and died while taking photos of himself using a selfie-stick. legit9ja.com shares 4 simple etiquettes for using selfie-sticks.

Walking while selfie-sticking

Using a selfie-stick while walking is tantamount to making a call while driving. It is even worse when you use the stick in a crowded place or in traffic. You can lose your valuables and also make other pedestrians uncomfortable. Just leave the way whenever you want to take a photo whether you are using the selfie stick or not.

Taking foolhardy risk

Your safety should be of utmost importance to you when taking pictures with selfie sticks. Do not take unnecessary risks because you want to get the best angle for a selfie. Something sinister may happen if you do not.
Use it sparingly

It is not compulsory for you to use a selfie stick always. However, if you must take a picture, you can tell your colleague or your friend to assist.

Do not pick calls while phone is on selfie stick

If your phone rings while taking a selfie, you should calmly remove your mobile from it and pick the call. You can be injured if you pick calls while your phone is attached to the stick.


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