Adekunle Gold Flirts With Mo’cheddah In The Presence Of Her Boyfriend

Hitmaker, Adekunle Gold has revealed he lost all his good deeds after he revealed he has a crush on singer Mo’Cheddah while she was with her man.

Adekunle Gold Told EbonyLife TV when he was asked who his celebrity crush was.
“My celebrity crush is Mo’cheddah. I have been crushing on her since 2012.

“I have always liked her style and I have always thought that she was stylish. She is very cute.

“Mo’cheddah, I know you are hooked o but we can still negotiate, I really like you and I’m sure you know that.I’m sure you remember because I told you.”

“Weird enough, I told her I was crushing on her when she was with her boyfriend and he was mad at me,”

Now, let us analyse the craziness that is in this statement made by Dekunle Gold.

How can you go ahead to tell a lady that you can still negotiate her relationship with you, despite knowing fully well she is in another relationship.

Dekunle should know that this assertion is enough to break her relationship with her boyfriend and does not even guarantee her coming to him.

I wonder why some people think with their A-nus.

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