Fantastically Corrupt: 3 Interesting Things To Note About David Cameron’s Conversation With the Queen

British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron had described Nigeria, along with Afghanistan as ‘fantastically corrupt’, while having a small talk with the Queen of England at a Buckingham Palace reception. Holding a glass of wine, the British PM was caught on camera mocking the two countries. While Nigerians are divided on the above issue as some are totally on Cameron’s side saying the Englishman had spoken the truth, some other Nigerians seem to think that Cameron insulted Nigeria and her people. However, President Muhammadu has said that he would not be demanding any apology from Cameron but a return of our stolen assets in Britain would suffice. INFORMATION NIGERIA, however brings you 3 very interesting points in the conversation most of us have missed…
-While everyone is focusing seriously on the ‘insult’ from Cameron that Nigeria is one of the two most corrupt nations of the world, did anyone notice someone saying that President Buhari isn’t corrupt?. During the conversation, someone in the group had raise the point that ‘this particular president(Buhari) isn’t corrupt’ and the Queen said ‘He is trying’ and someone said ‘He is trying very hard’.

-Therefore, President Buhari does appeal to foreigners as not corrupt and even the queen attests to it.

-‘He is trying very hard’: Could this possibly mean that it is almost impossible for Nigerian leaders to not be corrupt? Or that it is almost totally impossible to be free from corruption based on the Nigerian system??? How else, do we begin to explain the fact that Buhari according to the speaker ‘is trying very hard’ not to be corrupt as if there is something either in him or in the system pushing him to yield to corruption!

What is your take plus what do you think of Buhari’s response???

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