Most company CEO’s are are barely active on social media. With such busy schedules, many of them have capable individuals who manage their online accounts on their behalf. However, these executives have such huge roles to play in promoting their businesses and brands no matter how subtle. One way to do this is via constant interaction with their followers and customers through social media.

In line with promoting good use of this tool, shares tips on how CEOs can use social media to grow their businesses.

Appreciate the fanbase

The customer is king. Therefore, it is important for them to be appreciated no matter the type of service you offer. What better way to do this than a personal Tweet or Facebook posts from the CEO of the company. For example, when a particular person wins a competition, it is a perfect moment for the CEO to tweet his appreciation the user for participating and winning the competition.

Intervene in controversial situations

Some CEOs actually monitor the social media feeds of their organizations. This enables them to intervene and resolve controversies before it escalates. If your organization’s twitter handle is embroiled in a dispute with a follower. As the CEO, you can offer on the spot solutions to the aggrieved customer.

Engage in tweet chats

Tweet chats can be organized in-house or with the wider public. This is a great opportunity to share the mission and vision of the organization as well as update followers about the latest successes recorded by the company. Through the tweet chat, you are indirectly promoting your organization.

Share your values

Many of your followers welcome the opportunity to learn from you especially about how you established your brand. It will be helpful to them and they can get inspiration from you set up their own enterprise. One perfect social media network to do this is twitter. You can do this once a week and ensure that you do not miss a day.

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