I Will Be Forever Grateful To Kenny Ogungbe – Joe El Speaks


Kennis music artiste, Joe EL has said he will be forever grateful to Kenny Ogungbe for signing him onto Kennis music. He said though many have been asking him when he will leave the record label, but he isn’t ready to do that anytime soon.
[post_ad]He said this in an interview with Punch Newspaper. Enjoy!

How did you delve into music

I started in church like most people. I was about nine years old then when I joined the junior choir in my church in Sokoto State. Later, I formed my own music group. I started writing songs while I was in secondary school. It was then I realised that I wanted to take up music as a career.

How did you get signed on with Kennis Music?

I got signed on with Kennis Music in 2010. I was supposed to get signed on with Tuface Idibia’s former record label, Hypertek Entertainment. I guess the deal did not work out because their focus was on Tuface and they did not want to sign anyone then. After that, I met Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye. They listened to my songs; we booked an appointment and discussed the contract. A lot of people thought Kennis Music searched for and discovered me but I was the one who went in search of them.

Did you go to Hypertek initially because of your resemblance with Tuface?

Tuface has inspired me a lot. Apart from the fact that we look alike, which I have been told a lot of times, he and my mum are from Benue State and we speak the same dialect. I see him as a big brother and mentor. I saw him as someone that could grant me easy access to the industry, but things did not work out the way I wanted.

Why couldn’t you secure a contract at Hypertek or did they feel you would compete with Tuface?

It was because I did not really make my intentions clear to them. I planned to fix another appointment with the management but it never happened.

Do you regret not being signed on with them?

Not really. Sincerely, Kennis music has been doing for me what I have always wanted – the fame and achieving my dreams among other things. Moreover, I have a song which I did with Tuface, so it is as good as having both record labels in the picture.

There are talks that artistes who are signed to Kennis Music do not receive good treatment?

People always ask if I plan to leave Kennis Music and some have persuaded me to leave the record label, but where would I go to if I leave?

I would not have become popular if I was not brought to limelight by Kennis Music. I prayed and fasted for God to fix me up with a good record label and He did it. Kenny Ogungbe, whom I fondly call Baba Keke, is like a father to me and I no longer see him as the chief executive officer. If I have any problem, I go to his house to discuss it.

That is the best way issues between artistes and managers should be handled. Issues are not settled by taking each other to court. I will always appreciate him because he has done a lot for me.


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