Man Shares His Funny Experience Of How He Almost Lost His Job Because Of Orijin Drink

Orijin zero almost landed this young Man in trouble, Read what happened to him below:-

On Friday, My boss sent me on an errand and when I was done, I was very tired.
[post_ad]Going back to office I decide to branch into a super market to get myself soft drink to refresh with because of the tiredness. My intention was to buy malt drink, I changed my mind when I saw this new Orijin zero non alcoholic drink because I hv tasted it before.

After some snacks, I washed it down wit the orijin, that’s when my Boss walked in and met me & other colleagues eating because it was break time.

Immediately, my Boss sent for me in his office, and queried me on why I was drinking alcohol on duty. It took me time to convinced him that the brand of Orijin I was drinking was not alcoholic.

After so many many talk talk to which I was able to convince him after showing him the can. na so I go buy six pack of d Orijin zero alcoholic drink for my Boss to cool down.

Lesson to all; There are some brand names that are tagged negative, you should not associate your self with it, if you happen to work in d co-operate world. Example; anybody who sees the brand name ORIJIN will think it’s an alcoholic drink not knowing this brand doesn’t contain alcohol.

Source:- Nairaland Forum


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