POETRY: Do Not Love Me

Do not love me
Do not care
This heart has nought to share
Do not tempt me with the allure of your lips
For what would a kiss do
But for a while, set my troubles at ease.

Do not dare to tease me
For I am lost to passion
Don’t try to set my mind at ease
I am not yours to nuture
Pain has numbed me
Its poison flows through my vein
I am empty, broken and lost
My heart, a cobweb of sutures.

Many have tried
To tame this heart you crave
My fingers are numb
How could they touch
Unleash the treasures of your luscious limbs
They hold no warmth to arouse your thrusting nips
My vile tongue hold no words to charm
Nor songs of poetry to bring you bliss.

Do not tease me with the wiggle of your waist
For therein, I ll only be lost for a day
I have trust only in the fire of my thrust
I’ll torch your groin with the brute of a savage
Still by dawn, I’ll be gone
Your loins filled with a yearning that will never age.

Do not try to know me
I am nought but mystery
Burnt and untamed.
Do not trust me
I am nought but fleeting
A roaming stray.
I roam a place unseen
In a cloak of broken dreams
This wound you can’t mend
Do not love me
Do not care
All it will bring you is despair.
[post_ad]by Anderson Paul


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