POETRY — Just A Naira

If you are ever lost
For just a NAIRA
You must bear the cost
Rise up determined and work harder
If u persist
And poverty insists
Do not despair
Toil, and the harvest you will surely bear.

If you are ever stuck
Your dreams lie fallow
And your visions never seem to work
Look with hope to the morrow
Do not falter
Do not stomp
For life definitely rewards
Even the hopeful pauper.

When the going gets tough
And the journey of life seems rough
Tread slow and steady
Be at alert and always ready
For opportunity comes in seasons
Its treasures revealed to only those who cease it.

Lay your youth not to waste
For but once only
You shall have its taste.
Play the world your harmonious flute
Then watch it swoon in your vibrant youth
Be strong, wise and comely
And eventually, you shall find your calling.

Walk not in the ways of the dark
Hide not evil in your little heart
Let your ways be moral and just
Stay clear off thugs, guns and drugs.
For sooner or later, the one who kills
Will by the gun, also be killed.

Flee, lest your body be defiled
Dont let your bottom lead you along in life
Dont be a failure
A single mother to “JUNIOR”
You can be pretty, successful and wise
If you live a Godly life.

Do not fret
Do not worry
Never let your faith rest
Or go weary
Stand tall
Believe in your call
For sooner or later
Those who succeed
Are those who believe
Those who rise from the rubbles of a thousand falls.


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