Earlier today, British Prime Minister was caught on camera telling the Queen that Nigeria is fantastically corrupt. President Buhari has issued a statement in response.
According to Premium Times, Garba Shehu, the Special Assistant to Media sent a statement to them which reads,

‘This is embarrassing to us, to us say the least, given the good work that the President is doing. Mr. Buhari said. “The eyes of the world are on what is happening here.”’

He continued in the statement that the “Prime Minister must be looking at an old snapshot of Nigeria. Things are changing with corruption and everything else”.

The president however applauded the comment by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who said President Buhari was not corrupt.

Acknowledging the Archbishop’s remark, he said: “Thank you to the Archbishop. We have great admiration for the good relationship between our two countries”.

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