Simple Ways To Avoid Going Bald

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Having a strong, healthy and glossy hair is surely a blessing. However, most people are not fortunate enough to get that gorgeous hair they dream about. Men, and sometimes women, notice that their hair is thinning prematurely for several different reasons. Hair is such an important part of how people identify themselves, and going bald can be difficult to deal with.

Unfortunately, thinning hair and going bald isn’t exclusively reserved for men as more than half of all women will struggle with pattern baldness caused by the release of certain hormones called androgens. Here are few ways to prevent going bald.

Massage your hair: When hair gets dried hair follicles go dormant and inactive. This naturally makes your hair look weak and might lead to temporary hair loss and even baldness. To restore the healthier look you need to stimulate your hair growth. This is done by massaging your hair once in two days. Massaging stimulates circulation which in turn makes your hair follicles to be active. Use natural oil to cleanse and moisturize your scalp with ease. They fight dandruff and helps in the growth of skin cells around your hair follicles. Applying these natural oils helps you in restoring your hair growth and fights dandruff naturally.  

Hair products: It’s best to avoid hair products that have a high alcohol content as they facilitate dryness of the hair. The moment you brush your dry hair out, any residue left behind will cause hair breakage. Softer-hold products such as styling creams are best used as they help to maintain the moisture content of your hair cuticles without creating any form of friction when you brush your hair.

Dry your hair gently: Beating up your hair with a rough towel and vigorous rubbing can cause serious damage. Physical force breaks off finer hairs, and newly emerging ones don’t even get a chance to survive. Use a super soft cloth and pat rather than rub the hair to rid it of excess moisture after bathing.

Try to reduce stress: Forget about why your genetics are causing you to lose hair, it is what it is and you have to deal with it no matter what the reason may be. Doing so will only add more emotional stress, and failing to reduce stress in your daily life will have a lasting effect on your hair.
Healthy diets: The health of your hair is often the first indicator that you may have a poor diet. A balanced diet with organic meats, fruits and vegetables will help strengthen your hair – and the rest of you. Lack of iron and vitamin B are thought to be contributing factors in hair loss. It’s best you take lots of proteins which can be found in eggs, yogurt, lean chicken and fish. Increase in intake of copper, iron, potassium and magnesium would help your hair look healthy and strong.

Sunlight: When you expose your hair to the ultraviolet rays of the sun for too long, the rays can damage your hair, causing it to weaken and look dull. This is because UV rays of the sun breaks down the protein- keratin present in hair. As such, it’s best to go out with your hair covered in sunlight and also to make use of hairsprays that have UV protection when going out in the open.

Care for your hair: Men and women are so fascinated to try out different hairstyles and imagine themselves as fashionistas. They apply various gels to make their hair look healthy and other products that add gloss to hair. Men try applying different coloring agents and this in the long run, makes their hair go weak and brittle. Doing this eventually can cause the hair to lose its natural sheen. This affects one to go bald soon if they are prone to baldness genetically.

Vitamins: Vitamins play a natural role in wear and tear of the body. They are essential in giving the proper nourishment of your hair and they combine with other nutrients and helps in the growth of thick and healthy black hair. Vitamin A, B, C and E are the four essential vitamins for healthy hair. These vitamins protect your hair from damaging, discolouration and hair loss. B complex vitamins such as B6 (obtains from cereals, potatoes, whole grains and cod), B12 (obtains from dairy products, egg and fish) boosts the blood circulation levels throughout the body including scalp.


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