Your camera’s storage often holds sweet memories of trips around Nigeria and discovering that the memory card is broken or missing can hurt a little – all these memories, gone forever. To help preserve fond moments, shares 6 legit ways to keep your pictures safe for longer.
Shoot with more than one memory card

Memory cards are quite affordable and you can take as many as four memory cards along when travelling but remember to store them in different places in your bag or pocket. This is safer and reduces the chances of all three of them being lost or damaged at the same time. More importantly, do not wait until a memory card max’s out before you switch it, so rotate as often as possible.

Keep your cards in water-tight cases

Your camera and memory cards are often subjected to the rigours of travel. To protect them from damage, place them in water-tight cases and tucked away from direct sunlight.

Backup your photos

For extra measure, backup your files with a hard drive or Personal Computer. If anything happens to your camera, you can recover the pictures from the computer or the hard disk.

Use cloud storage services

This is perhaps the most reliable form of backing up your files. To use Google photos, simply upload your pictures after entering your login details. You only need to remember these details to access your pictures. With cloud storage, there is nothing like file corruption or damaged memory but be conscious of hackers and ensure that you use an impenetrable password.

Do not delete individual pictures

The habit of deleting pictures you do not like immediately is both risky and unprofessional. If you want to delete any pictures, it is advisable to delete it with your camera rather than your PC. This is because your PC can either damage or corrupt your memory card.  

Data recovery

If you perhaps failed to do any of the aforementioned, then the only option you may have is to recover your photos by using a data recovery program. The program will recover what is left of the memory card. So, when your card is corrupted or damaged, do not spontaneously dispose of it. You can try the data recovery process, especially if the photos are important.

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