The failures of Buhari

By Kenneth Ikonne

“Try as you may, it is impossible to escape the conclusion that the Buhari presidency has been less than adroit in steering the ship of state. Much of the inertia has been self- inflicted, and stems from a tragic psychological flaw in the Buhari persona. Unlike Mandela, Obama, Uhuru Kenyatta or even Mugabe, Buhari’s sense of nation does not derive from reasoned introspection, deep learning or philosophical dissection. Rather, it is a product of raw, deep and unflagging prejudice, reinforced by a sense of messianic infallibility. His apparent frugality and honesty is the weapon with which he corrupts the nation on a grander scale, appropriating resources and public offices to the tribe of his birth, and riding roughshod on the sensibilities of other Nigerians. This morning, Buhari had no homilies of national reconciliation to preach, and no soothing words or condolences to offer to the gutted citizens of Agatu and Nimbo. 
I wasn’t expecting any! It’s in keeping with a persona so flawed and so removed from the innate leadership instincts which elevate and inspire a nation. Meanwhile, the Economy is dangerously flailing, but the President remains sanctimonious, and abjures any responsibility, preferring instead to find a convenient alibi in the exaggerated failings of the Jonathan presidency! Buhari’s very personality abhors debate, but stirs fresh conflicts and cleavages. Never has Nigeria been this adrift, this divided, and so torn apart. The irony is that there are millions who still believe in him, even from the most enlightened of quarters. But this was also the irony of Jonestown that saw crazily indoctrinated worshippers voluntarily commit mass suicide at the behest of a certain Reverend Jim Jones!” – Kenneth Ikonne

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