Winning The F.A Cup Is More Important Than Qualifying For Champions League – Man U Coach Van Gaal


Britain’s biggest club Manchester United missed out on the top four this season and entry into next season’s Champions League, but Louis Van Gaal now says winning the FA Cup would be a bigger achievement.
Van Gaal despite having an underwhelming season, with his job constantly linked to Jose Mourinho has a chance to win the F.A cup on Saturday, as Man U tackle sCrystal palace in Wembley.

“I think the interest of the club is much more important and the interest of the fans is more important than those of the manager,” said Van Gaal during his pre-match press conference according to

“Of course, you have your own aims and that’s one of the aims I have had always, so it’s always exciting when you are so close, but close is not enough – you have to win it. A club like Manchester United needs silverware.

“I have read that the last FA Cup was 2004 so it’s a long time ago, so also for Manchester United it’s a big title I think, especially as it was a long time ago.

“We are very close, but still you have nothing when you don’t win. So it’s always a final you cannot predict.”

“I think it is always important,” said Van Gaal. “When you win silverware, it’s important for the players, because a qualification is not a title.

“A title is the FA Cup or championship, because they can look and hold the trophy, so that’s an exciting moment also.

We are playing in the most prestigious temple in England, so everything has confirmed how important this trophy is.

“It is a while since we won anything, so it’s very good if we win something. We have played four matches of the six away, so I think we deserve something also, I think.”

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