4 things that have made Mercy Aigbe very popular in Nigeria

Know how Yoruba movie actress Mercy Aigbe became one of the hottest actresses in Nigeria and insanely popular within the last two years.

Mercy Aigbe, 37, can be said to be the hottest Yoruba movie actress around right now. Her career is 15 years old and it’s now that Mercy Aigbe is starting to dominate the mainstream scene. She had the Yoruba movie scene locked down a while ago but as for Nollywood she is really making her presence known now.


Mercy Aigbe as queen (Instagram)

Two months ago I wrote an opinion piece wondering if Aigbe is the hottest Yoruba actress around. There is no need to wonder anymore, Mercy Aigbe is the queen now.  

Mercy Aigbe covers the latest issue 89 0f Exquisite Magazine (EM)

She couldn’t have made a better statement about her dominance than her Exquisite Magazine cover in which she looked totally regal with her crown. Also Mercy Aigbe recently announced that she had just gotten one million followers on her Instagram. This is a rare achievement for actresses in Nigeria. Just a few have hit that mark.

What makes Mercy Aigbe’s new level of popularity these days interesting is considering the fact that within the last two years she has not had a smash movie attached to her name. Since Mercy Aigbe started her rise into the mainstream she hasn’t scored a major movie hit. As a matter of fact some will tell you that while she is a talented Yoruba movie actress she still does not have that mega movie attached to her brand.  

While this may be true, Mercy Aigbe is a consistent actress who regularly acts in good movies.

So what are the factors that have made Mercy Aigbe a new celebrity queen who commands over 1 million followers on her Instagram page. The reasons are not far-fetched. They have to do with how she has embraced social media, her fashion taste, challenging the perception of Yoruba actors in the mainstream media and her family.

The factors are broken down in detail below;  

1) Social Media

Mercy Aigbe is an expert on pushing her brand on social media especially on Instagram. She is constantly on Instagram, always and active. She posts not only good photos of herself but of her kids as well. When she wanted to address the This Day Style list she did it on Instagram. You can almost say Mercy Aigbe’s other life is on Instagram. She posts at least six photos a day on the photo sharing app. Constantly delivering content to her fans has made her one of the top Nigerian celebrities to follow on social media. 

2) Fashion & Style

No true fashionista can deny that Mercy Aigbe is one of the best dressed female celebs in Nigeria. She kills at the time with her unique sense of style. There is hardly any red carpet event that she doesn’t come out as one of the best dressed. She also runs a boutique where she sells clothes for women so as a means of advertising her business she rocks the clothes regularly.  

ThisDay Style cover (Bella Naija )

3) Mainstream rebelling

Just after the AMVCAs early this year, This Day Style Magazine released a publication about the Best Dressed Movie Stars in Nigeria. The publication strangely forgot to include Mercy Aigbe and other well dressed Yoruba stars. The actress took to Instagram and spoke about how the mainstream media always neglects the Yoruba movie industry. This bold claim helped Mercy Aigbe claim more fans during this period.

MercyAigbe-Gentry’s son, Olajuwon Micheal Gentry, turns six (instagram)

4) Family

Nigeria is a family oriented nation and we love seeing successful women with their husbands and kids. Mercy Aigbe is a very family oriented actress. She regularly shares photos of her kids and praises her husband whenever the chance comes up.



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