8 hilarious things only Nigerians can relate to, no 8 will make you laugh hard

There are so many things that are peculiar to Nigerians; you would only be able to understand these things if you are familiar with the way things are being run in the country. Probably due to the frustrations many Nigerians experience day in day out, they have found ways to make themselves happy.

We need not tell you about the way things are in the country, the constant suffering and hardship endured in the country and the economic situation that has left many Nigerians financially incapacitated. However, life goes on as it never ends. Nigerians would always find ways to make themselves happy and look on the brighter sides irrespective of all these things.

Nigerians have attributes that include resilience and patience and endurance; as far as we are concerned they make up great personalities in the world. They have been able to adapt to environmental and economic abnormalities and are doing their best to stay aloof. These abnormalities are normal to them; thus, they are indifferent about most of the things that go on within the country.
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Occasionally, they air their opinion but mainly do so through comics and memes targeted at certain officials or sectors of the economy. You would be able to relate to the following things if you are a Nigerian: 

1. When you see someone wearing slippers on the bed

This would piss any Nigerian off; in this part of the world, certain things are not allowed. It is simply an abomination climbing the bed with your slippers or shoes. Some people would even freak out when they see people jumping on their beds; they would come up with different things that could happen to them afterwards.
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2. That sign of stinginess

Many Nigerians must have done this at some point in their lives. It is really annoying when you come to think of it as adults now. But basically, that is the attitude of many Nigerians when it comes to giving. Meanwhile, everyone loves to receive and reap where they have not sowed.  

3. The look on your tailor’s face when you tell her the style to sew

If you are a Nigerian, then you would be familiar with the tailors that we see around. They have this look they would give you while you stress yourself explaining what you want your cloth to look like when they already know within them that the cloth would be sewn in accordance to their own style and modifications.

A Nigerian tailor once sewed a different style for her customer because she wanted her to be able to wear it to church. Whoever gave her the idea definitely did not do well as the cloth had the most choking neckline ever.   

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4. When the computer knows how corrupt our leaders are

This could only happen in Nigeria. The computers are super sensitive to the corruption of our leaders and would point that to you when you do anything that involves them on the laptop.  

5. When this is the basic sign of pregnancy

You would be familiar with this scene when you watch Nollywood movies. Any time a woman is portrayed to be pregnant, she has to throw up. Who said this is the only sign pregnant women exhibit? But of course, if you are a Nigerian, you would know this well and can move on to the next scene; message gotten and understood.

6. The killer move for cultural dance 

If you are a Nigerian and have attended quite a number of end of year parties for children in primary schools, you would understand this part. Everyone looks forward to this part as the Yoruba cultural dance would end with this move.

The best dancers would be left to rock the stage after the other dancers must have left. You can be sure that it would be a heated competition between the participants with one or two of them finishing off with this move. 

7. The order of hierarchy in every home

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In Nigeria, this is the basic principle of operation in most homes. The first born is always the right one and has rights to deal with you in the absence of your parents.

He is assumed to be the head of the house whether he is reasonable or not. The last born is assumed to be the house-help or errand boy in the house. Everyone would send him to do annoying tasks they feel lazy to do.  

8. When upcoming artistes are trying to sell themselves to you 

Every upcoming artiste in Nigeria has a line or phrase that is unique; they always have some sort on introductory line that would hint you about their personalities. Many artistes refer themselves as ‘your boy’ as a way of making you endeared to them. We know so many artistes that have not dropped that line even after they have hit it big. 



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