Checkout This Emotional Note a Female Blog Reader Wrote Her Future Husband


Emotional Note a Female Blog Reader Wrote Her Future Husband

Dear future husband,

As I write to you, my emotions, fear are taking toll on me. I don’t know if you are reading this or not, I just felt like writing. I have day dreamed about you a thousand times, I wonder how my proposal will be, will I scream, cry as if the ring is laced with onions.sweetheart during the proposal can Marry Me by Jason Durelo be played in the background, followed by Femi by mosa.

The most important person in my life was my late father, I want you to be my father, brother, though I got four already, best friend and prayer partner. i want a God fearing man to led me through my eternity (heaven) journey. Am a sucker for love , loves love and surprises. I can’t stand a cheat and lies please. i cry a lot over little things eg, when people wish me happy birthday too much, I get emotional and cry. i want to be happy forever cos i have gone through a lot in this life,

I pray you are strong enough to overlook my naughtiness, nag and cry cry nature. Lately i have been depressed and down, maybe because I miss my dad a lot, or scared of the crashed marriage stories or where am gonna spend my eternity.

An expo from me to you, no matter how angry I am with you, Best Of Me by Tyrese will quench it. Please don’t forget the early morning kiss. I promise to love you with my life and cherish you forever.

With love from Ayokunumi Glory 

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