Comedian Bovi Rants After Pastor Demanded a Free Performance From Him (Screenshots)

Bovi the comedian is not taking it easy with pastors who invite him to perform in their church and expect him to perform for free.

The comedian apparently is fed up with this and he decided to deal head on with what he tagged blackmail.

“The worst set of clients to underrate me are church pastors,” Bovi writes on Snapchat. “The shock they show when I charge. What were you thinking – that I was coming to preach?”
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Well for Bovi, he is done and has taken to social media to not only put the clergymen on the blast, but also affirm that he gives to charity too, but at his own violation.

Read his rants below:

Bovi has asked Nigerians to be patient with the incumbent government of Nigeria. He charged them to be patient with them so government can implement its plans and agenda for the country.
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