ECOWAS court slams $250,000 fine on Ghana over unlawful killing of Nigerian

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A $250, 000 fine was handed down to Ghanaian government, yesterday, by Hon. Justice Micah Wrights of ECOWAS Community court, over the 2013 right abuse and alleged unlawful killing of 15-year-old Ogukwe Obioma, who was studying in Ghana.

The judge established that Obioma’s right was violated, abused which lead to his eventual death. In a suit no ECW/CCJ/APP/03/14 filed by Mr Ogukwe the father of the deceased, he wants the court to compel the government of Ghana to undertake proper investigation to reveal the circumstances that lead to the death of his son.

He also asked the court to compel the government of Ghana to compensate his family with the sum of $10m for the violation of the right of his late son. The judge, however, maintained that the court cannot hold the government of Ghana responsible for Obioma’s death.

The court said that since the government of Ghana failed to provide adequate investigation as well as detailed report on how he died, it would have no choice but to indict them. Micah added that the $10m request was unrealistic and outrageous, he then imposed a fine of $250,000. The verdict can’t be appealed.



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