#FashionTrend: What Your Bag Says About You


Fashion is an outward expression of how we see ourselves, and perhaps more importantly, how we want others to see us.

A great bag not only ties an outfit together, but often says what kind of a fashion person you are. Bags are like the loudest accessory, whether big, small, leather or even beaded, there is a bag for every personality type.

You can tell a lot about a woman by her purse. Not just the brand, or what’s inside but also a lot more about how she carries it.

Today we are focused on defining your PURSE-onality , how you carry your bag and what it says about you. Take a look below;

On The Shoulder:

This way of carrying your bag shows that you are good at multi tasking. In between the day, you might have a thousand things to handle but despite all that and what’s in your bag, you’re still effortlessly on the go and this means that you are hands free at all times and will be great at multi tasking.

In The Hand:

This style tells you are a showoff. What better way to let the world know you have got a great bag than to shove it in their faces by putting it on full display. Holding your bag in the palm sort of assures that all eyes are on you so if you are trying to be a showoff, thank me later for the tip.

The Under Arm:

If this is your preferred style of carrying your purse, then you are obviously an on-the-go girl. You don’t care much whether people notice your bag or not but guess what you are stylish without even trying.

The Sling:

This style portrays you as a multitasker also who can juggle several aspects as long as you are very convenient. It shows you’ve got better things to do than worry about whether your handbag is looking its best.

In The Crook Of The Arm:

This style of bag holding may not be the most comfortable of all positions but it certainly exudes ladylike confidence Holding your bag at the crook of your arm also screams power and poise.

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