John NetworQ Speaks on MISS PTI 2016

Nigerian Rapper John NetworQ who graduated on top of his class from Electrical Electronics Department at Petroleum Training Institute(PTI), and also the best Musical Artiste the school has ever produced. Here he explained why he was not present at the annual event usually organized in the school(MISS PTI) which held yesterday.

He Said:

My Oil Republicans . . . Firstly Lemme apologize for missing out on our Miss PTi event Last night. But before you put the final nail to the coffin I encourage u to ask questions . Ask Rotaractor Akara Osarocaleb , ask Prince Ademola Adedotun (Omoba) ask ur outgoing ms PTi iyedo Iyedo Janice , I , on my own part, did everything humanly possible to be there for us last night. It was like a homecoming for me. My talent (and career) is now somebody’s business. As we speak my 3rd video airs on Soundcity, HipTV MTv and a host of stations. Someone pays for all of this. And returns are expected. I can only make requirements for Live sessions lesser but there’s only so much I can do. I was there Last year coz the man in charge knew what he wanted “ME” . This year the man in charge knew what he wanted “not ME”. In 2013 a year after graduation I brought a Live concert to school for free. Those who know me know the sacrifices. Maybe we’ll bring that back before the end of session. I’m still one of you. Still reppin the black Gold institute till my last breath and still tryin to make a legacy out here. Pray for Me. My victory is our Victory.

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  2. What really happened? Can't find the ppl to ask

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