Lol…10 rules a good housewife in Nigeria must adhere to

The society we live in now expects so much from women especially when it comes to marriage and relationships. Women are expected to be loaded with certain supernatural powers that could hold marriages down and make them work no matter what.

In view of these, it is totally up to women to make marriages work against all odds. While they are working on shells in ensuring their relationships do not break, they also have to be conscious of the way they sell themselves to people.

The impression they give people is one of the things that make them get worked up. Most wives in Nigeria are responsible women; most times, women getting married are usually groomed in preparation of the new life and phase they would be starting.

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Despite all these, there are certain rules and regulations a woman is expected to adhere to if she wants to be referred to as a good housewife in Nigeria. If you are able to maintain these rules as a woman, you would not only be termed a good housewife, you would also enjoy the union for as long as possible.

Find below some of the rules you have to stick to if you are a good housewife or you aspire to be one:  

1. Never question his authority 

Allow him speak whenever he wants and do not ask him questions. Remember you are his helper not his mother so avoid asking him question. When you are worried about his whereabouts just get on your knees and pray for him.

Do not attempt to call him every five minutes asking for his location. He would end up being irritated and would end up fighting you.  

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2. Always apologize when he is angry

Please and please, do not try to prove your right as a woman when there is a fight. Just apologize and get it over with. Failing to do this means you are fueling the argument and fight. In order to be the perfect housewife, apologize when he is at fault and you are the one hurting.   

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3. It is okay to work but never earn more than him

Please do not ask us how possible that is, just make sure you find a way to work around it. As soon as you start to work and he knows your salary is higher than his, he would come up with different tales which would point you as being not submissive and arrogant because you earn more than him. Tell your boss at work to keep the change for you.  

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4. Fulfill your duties as a mother

While you are the working class woman and wife, you must never fail as a mother too. This means it is your duty to take the children to school, pick them up and make his meals too. No aspect must be robbed; if you have to give up on one you know it must not be the kids.  

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5. Appreciate him when he helps in the house

Whenever he lifts a finger to do anything in the house, sing his praises all week because he has left his jurisdiction to help you take care of yours. If you prove to him that it is not solely your responsibility to take care of the house, he would stop helping to prove a point to you.
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6. Thank him always

In order to be regarded as a good housewife, you have to chant his praises all the days of your life because he saved you from the spinsters’ club. Any award or achievement recorded in your name has to be referenced to him.

While you are receiving the award, you have to make a public announcement stating his support and you have to be careful to mention his name first. 
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7. Stay faithful to him and be ready to forgive him when he cheats

As a good housewife, you must never be caught doing certain things. Cheating is one of these things. You have to be faithful no matter what; but when he cheats, you have to be ready to forgive him almost immediately. Remember he is the man and you are the woman. Lol.   

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8. Lose the belly fat the moment you deliver the baby

Another rule you have to stick to in order to be referred to as a good housewife is when you stay in shape forever. This means your stomach is expected to go back to being flat the moment the baby is delivered.

What excuse do you want to give for your stomach being big when you are not pregnant?
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9. You must be a superwoman

You are expected to be a superwoman with certain abilities; you must never be tired, sick or complain about anything. You are expected to do your chores swiftly and dress smartly. You are not expected to tie wrapper around the house. 

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10. You must be innocent but wild in bed

If you want to be a good housewife, that means you are expected to be an innocent woman with little or no knowledge of all the bad bad things being done in the world.
But while you are in bed with your husband, you are to transform to a wanton and give him a wild time in bed. If you do not pay attention to this, you may end up being called a prostitute.


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