Nollywood actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola has dished out advice to ladies who have been emotionally hurt.

The actress, who frowned at men who have notions that all women are the same and would end up hurting their feelings, said:

“To our men, I stand to correct the notion as well that all we women are the same, no we are not…majority of us wants to taste the true love, we open our heart to you guys, but you guys usually go for the looks, toil with our feelings, joke with our emotions,” take what you are after”, and then break our heart over and over again…tell me why i won’t do same to the innocent guy that comes my way? When obviously my good intention, my true feelings have been broken over and over again…Anyway…bad as it has been…love stays the same, and true love never changes…”


The happily married actress however gave credits to ladies who after getting hurt, still open up their heart in effort to seek true love.

She however adviced them saying “To every good woman out there, I pray and wish you love…of course we want to love, much as we desire to be truly loved”.

Opeyemi Aiyeola came to limelight with the movie titled ‘Ige Adubi’ and she has featured in several movies since then. She is happily married to Babatunde Olayiwola Owolomose and currently have two sons. 


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