Meet modest Jisola Benson – an icon of unmitigated selfless benevolence!


Mrs Jisola Benson has constantly humbled herself in the presence of the less privileged, but most especially she has humbled herself by doing GOD’s work. She will never cease to amaze me.

Just a while ago we acknowledged Jisola Benson’s philanthropic gestures in endlessly lending moral and financial support to the disadvantaged, whilst also building successful young entrepreneurs. However, we can’t help but show the world again, the extent of this woman’s humility and extremely down to earth nature.

Unbelievably, we discovered that she is a member of the Holy Police in her church. For those who do not know, the Holy Police is a group of volunteers who ensure the orderliness, parking, and security of church members’ cars outside and within the church premises. So, in other words, they ensure that safety is not compromised whilst you worship.


Despite this being likened to a non-profitable ‘Area Boys’ kind of duty, Madam Benson is never shy to rock her Holy Police gear to control traffic on Sundays, at her church intersection where we spotted her. Most importantly she does this with so much passion, enthusiasm and dedication, always smiling. We can enviably say that this act has become so constant and regular, that it has been noticed to have inspired and attracted more volunteers to the cause.

Jisola Benson pockets all her high self esteem and inestimable values and lowers herself to the lowest point in order to serve God. She stoops so low, no wonder she always conquers! She always says she’s never too posh to get her hands dirty for the Lord, and urges Nigerians to be steadfast in the things that concern GOD.

When she was asked why she volunteered as a Holy Police, she replied : This is nothing compared to what GOD has done for me and my family. That I am still standing today, is greater than anything else in the world. This is one of the many ways I pay Him back. God is ever faithful, even when we are faithless. 



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