#NotSoCool: X Factor Contestant Trashes Show, Calls It ‘Fake’ And ‘Disgusting’

An X Factor contestant, Daisy Gill, has trashed the singing competition calling it ”fake’ and ‘disgusting’ while claiming she was used as an ‘unpaid extra’ after waiting for nine hours to audition.

The 18-year-old from Liverpool, said she was handpicked by researchers to audition for the show’s panel of judges, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger, a request she politely declined at first but later changed her mind and made it to the venue at Old Trafford, Lancashire Cricket Club, Manchester, for 10am to meet the audition deadline, only for the judges to arrive at 5pm.

Daisy Gill told press, “We waited in a holding room for hours, patiently waiting to be approached with more information. were getting more anxious but more tired every second. But we were just left there. I just felt bad for the people who weren’t prepared and didn’t bring food as there was no food there to buy – just beverages.” 

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“We were basically used as unpaid extras for the whole day,” Daisy added, “Getting moved from seat to seat, sitting behind these people getting interviewed to make the place look packed when in reality there was about four contestants in the room and all their families.”

Daisy said while many contestants were waiting, there were just a handful of contestants with their friends and family to support them adding that her anger boiled over when a researcher came out at 9pm, to inform them the judges were through for the day and wouldn’t be seeing anyone else.

After being awake for seventeen hours, she was cranky enough to walk into the audition room to confront the judges.

Daisy Gill said she shouted at them, “This is a disgrace, you people ought to be ashamed. What a waste of my time and money. You people disgust me, you play God with people’s lives and expect people not to react.”

She added, “It’s safe to say these people are scum and will do anything for money and a bit of reality tv. They treat people disgustingly. I can’t stress enough how much disrespect I have for the judges . Simon Cowell has a net worth of about £500 million – so the least he could do is see every single person who walks through that door instead of wasting people’s time, money and energy to make him look good.”

An X Factor spokesperson said Daisy was never guaranteed an audition and was on the “reserve list”.

“This is something which most TV shows with contestants would do, in case someone drops out or we can see more people than originally planned. Daisy was told that she was a reserve in advance of the day and then also reminded on the day that they would only be seen if there was time.”

“It’s unfortunate that she is upset by not getting to audition but she was clearly told on the day. We do where possible look to reschedule reserve contestants on other days if there is space.”

The spokesperson also clarified on Daisy’s allegations about the show being fake, “We film people registering to audition both during the judges auditions and during our open auditions – these scenes are done on the day and are not faked. This is not accurate. And neither do we con people into being extras. The holding room is made up of contestants waiting to audition, including reserves and their friends and family – everyone is able to bring friends and family.”


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