Simple Tricks For Fixing A Bad Hair Day

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Everyone knows that bad hair days are a part of life. A bad hair day not only causes irritation but also reduces the confidence level.

So how can you disguise a bad hair day when you have limited time to get ready for the day? Here are some ways to disguise a bad hair day.

Use styling tools: Styling tools like a hair straightener or curler can also bail you out of a bad hair day. Just wet your hair with a water spray, then use any styling tool to manage a style that would suit best.

Try a sock bun: A sock bun is a quick fix for your worst bad hair days. Just pull your hair backwards and make a pony. Now, pull that pony and make a bun out of it. Conceal the bun with the help of bobby pins. This bun would make you look classy and stylish at the same time.

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Pull your hair into a ponytail: If you cannot manage your hair, then the best bet is to pull your hair back into a ponytail. A ponytail can never go wrong. A pigtail can also bail you out of a bad hair day. A high pony will not only make you look classy but it will also help with your bad hair texture.

Use a gel or wet your hair: If the situation is really bad, then it is better to use a gel to set your hair. Just brush your hair and apply a gel on your hair. A gel would make your hair smooth and manageable or wet your hair to make your hair look different.

Use hair serum: Hair serums are specially formulated for dry hair and frizz. Use a good hair serum if your hair is too dry to manage. Serum will make your hair soft and manageable. Serums are available depending on different hair textures and types.

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Headbands and wraps: Headbands and head wraps are great styling tools, especially on the bad hair day for women with short hair. You can fold down a decorative scarf to create a headband or use an old-school simple headband that fits your style. Change a frizzy ponytail into a sleek look by tying a folded scarf around the front of your hair. Slick down your short relaxed hair and add a decorative headband to give it a bit of flair. If you can get away with it, turbans are a great option as well.

Wear a bandana or scarf: When on a casual outing, you can wear a scarf or a bandana. Choose a colour complements your outfit. You are wearing your style, so wear it confidently. This can instantly bail you out of trouble. 

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