Terry G Slaps DJ At Lagos Show


Terry G has once again lived up to his name. Last night at Comedian Bash’s comedy show which held at the Muson Centre, Terry G once again showed the world his ‘bad’ side, when he slapped Dj Jimmy Jatt’s boy who was holding the table down for him. According to the report, the singer was misbehaving on stage and all efforts to get him off stage proved abortive which made the show organisers ask the DJ to put off the music. This made Terry G verbally angry, while rushing to where the poor DJ was standing and gave him a dirty slap before walking off the stage. CodedNEWSng were there and below is how they are reporting it.
[post_ad] And Chris Brown never touched anyone in the US, yet they sue him for misplacing their hats at his concert, Lol. Imagine if this happened in the States.

From CodedNEWSng:

Last Night as his Song was turned off due to his ‘Misbehaviour’ on Stage, and efforts to.gwt him off stage proved abortive.

Reports had it that the Artiste was ‘very high’ and was cursing the Audience after so much effort to get attention, but to no avail; Using words like “We go ALL go HellFire”, “Ogun go fire una”, “Mother F*cker”,etc, amidst falling on stage several times, as he tried to give an energetic performance.

The DJ who was said to have been acting under instruction from the show organisers, put off Terryg’s Music and Terry was shout “Dj Play song”, after a while Started playing #Olamide’s “Take It Outside”. And TerryG was so embarrassed and danced, not knowing how to leave the stage. With the Crowd shouting “Go Away”, “Dey Go”, “Wooo”. Terrythen went on angrily to Dj JimmyJatt’s stand and SLAPPED the #DJ who was playing… #CodedNEWSng.


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