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Legit9ja.com Wishing NOTJUSTOK Happy 10th Anniversary!

Read Speech From Ademola Ogundele (CEO of Notjustok):

10 years ago, I wrote the first post on Notjustok.Typepad.com and had no idea the amount of value Notjustok was going to deliver to the Nigerian and African music space. Honestly, it was just a hobby in the beginning and I didn’t look out 10 years later thinking we would be here marking 10 years of Notjustok’s existence.

I personally want to thank and hold God responsible for our existence and success, and pray his presence continues to abide with us. I want to say a BIG Congratulations and thank you to the talented Notjustok Team for years of unparalleled passion for Nigerian and African music, your efforts have contributed significantly to what NOTJUSTOK is today.

So as we celebrate 10 years of NOTJUSTOK’s existence I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU from me and the Notjustok TEAM to our Notjustok family who visit the site regularly, all Artists in the Nigerian and African music space, all Music Labels from 2006 to date, Music Executives, music consumers, strategic partners and everyone who has supported us from June 7 2006 to this very moment. We are sincerely grateful for all your support!!! There is no way we would still be here without your continuous support. God bless you all and I pray that all your dreams and goals come to pass in your lifetime.

Moving forward, we remain passionate, dedicated and committed to the advancement of African music locally and globally.
Thank you again for all your support!Cheers,


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