Blog Reader Narrates Most Embarrasing Moment In 2016 to StellaDimokoKorkus

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I know we have several ‘Most embarrassing moments’ but if you  had any recently?funny?Naughty?Really bad?Gist us! email;

Well read below what a blog reader narrates to StellaDimokoKorkus about her most embarrassing moment in 2016. 

Dear Stella,

i woke up very thankful to God yesterday. My brother requested that i bring something to him on my way to the office yesterday so i asked that we meet at Airforce Junction. I decided to wear a shirt and a skirt to the office, i was feeling so sexy… before i proceed let me say that i am not good at wearing under wears eg thight,etc. immediately i got down at airforce junction, trust me now, i started cat walking, i noticed a guy trying to say hi to me, infact my shakara increased and see me eyeing the gentleman.

I think the guy got tired of it all and decided to break the news to me ” sister your skirt is torn!!!


I was mute for some minutes, infact the guy said it and just walked far away from me like i had one disease….

Hey stella i won mad….

I started crying, i didn’t know what to do,…

luckily an elderly man at the motor park saw me crying and drove close to me, he immediately asked me to come in and we started looking for tailor together oh… infact to cut the story short, we drove from airforce to Rumomasi before we saw a tailor and afterwards he drop me at my office at Rumobiakani Opposite Obio Cottage…

I just want to appreciate the elderly man, God bless you ohh… And for the nice guy that told me about my skirt, Thank you too, i just want you to know that am usually not shakara person ohhhh and that is not my real face ohhh.




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