Guys, how did you find out your girlfriend was cheating on you?

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Guys, how did you find out your special one was cheating on you? This guy shared his story anonymously:

My now ex-girlfriend got a job in another state and moved there. After moving, she sent me a couple of emails with pictures of her new apartment and workplace. Then the frequency and quality of our phone conversations dropped.

She said that she needed this time off to focus on her new life and de-stress. (We were having issues about if and when we were both going to get married soon).
A month later, on her birthday, I sent her flowers and chocolates and tried to call her but it went to voicemail every time. After a few days, she sent me a thank you note and told me she had taken off on an unplanned trip to Canada with her girl friend.
She sent me a couple of pictures from her trip of just her. Something seemed really fishy. I logged into her Yahoo mail box because I remembered the password she had given me three years ago. There were a ton of email exchanges with this guy Rob from her workplace that I had met once before and she supposedly had a crush on.
They were seeing each other going by the highly romantic/se-xual nature of the emails. I sent her an email saying “Good luck with Rob. We are done. Please change the password to your Yahoo mail.”
A few months later, Robert dumped her, quite unceremoniously so from what I heard from our common friends. She called me out of the blue wanting to get back with me and make it work.
She apologized for her behavior. I refused to have her back. She begged for one chance and came to see me, brought me a lot of gifts and acted like nothing had happened. But I had moved on and didn’t feel anything for her.
I may have taken her back if she came across as being sincere, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for her.
After 2 days of incessantly trying, she suddenly stopped. I heard from a friend that she had gone off on another trip. Something was fishy again. 

I went back to her mailbox and guessed her new password! (Yeah, she was quite predictable) From her emails, I gathered she had gone off on a trip with a friend of mine named Daniel and Daniel had waxed eloquent about how well she kisses.
I wrote back to her “We are never getting back together. Good luck with Daniel. Please change the password to your Yahoo mail.”
That was that. 

Feel free to add your story in the comments, guys. Let’s share. 



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