Top 4 Nollywood Leading Men who Are Preserving ‘Their Sexy’ Through Midlife and Beyond

Though more attention is paid to the aesthetics of women than men in Nollywood, this has not deterred some of our favourite leading men from taking excellent care of themselves and preserving ‘their sexy’ despite having advanced in age. In fact, more than ever, these men have managed to keep their female fans drooling for more than just their talents in the better part of midlife and beyond, proving to the world that like fine wine, they get better with age.

We cannot tell whether the secret lies in a fitness regime which includes exercising, a meal plan, etc., all we know is that these 4 men have found the secret to aging gracefully. And damn! they do put some younger men to shame with their impeccable talents and dashing looks. Check out 4 of our Nollywood heartthrobs who make aging sexy.

1. Richard Mofe Damijo

Though he has spent no less than 30 years in Nollywood, RMD still manages to knock the socks off his fans with his debonair looks and charm. He can undoubtedly be crowned our Nigerian version of the internet sensation-Irvin Randle, aka #MrStealYourGrandma as he has managed to keep himself looking sharp always despite being a father, husband, grandfather. He is one hottie in whom we are well pleased.

2. Olu Jacobs

Olu Jacobs in one veteran who commands respect with his performance whether on stage, television or film. The husband to Joke Silva has managed to retain his formidable personae made up of his good looks, husky voice and commanding presence even as the years have gone by.

The 74-year old Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate has barely changed since his days on the soap opera ” The Third Eye” with only his full head of grey hair giving away his age. With 46 years in this career, this maverick works the screen with his gap-toothed smile, strong facial features and his older look with so much panache, we hope we’ll look just as good when he reach his age.

3. Ramsey Nouah

Light skinned and boyishly handsome, Ramsey Nouah makes men decades younger than him feel lacking in the looks department. The actor who has succeeded in shielding his private life from the gossip mill proves time and again that age has nothing on him and he appears to become more dashing as the years go by.

Looking through pictures, there is hardly any difference between today’s Ramsey Nouah and his younger self 15 years back and only the keen eyes will notice a receding hairline which only adds character to the beauty that age has brought this fine actor.



4. Kenneth Okonkwo

With over 50 movies to his credit, Kenneth Okonkwo still lights up the screen with more than twinkling eyes and deep throaty laughter as he still has the looks department on a lockdown. The actor who welcomed a son a few months ago after 9 years of waiting proves that the aging process can be quite an awesome experience if you have the right combination of talent, looks and of course a bubbly approach to life.




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