Choi... Meek Mill Lands In Fresh Trouble

Choi… Meek Mill Lands In Fresh Trouble

You all know that the American rapper, Meek Mill is currently serving a 2-4year jail term, he has been slammed with yet another lawsuit.

According to reports from source, the Philadelphia rapper was slammed with a ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit after two men, 20-year old Jaquan Graves and 30-year-old Travis Ward died in a shoot out during his concert in Wallinford in December 2016.

It was reported that the family of Jaquan Graves found Meek acconutable for the death of their son, with the explanation that if adequate security had been provided, Travis would not have died.

According to them, they “allowed thugs to remain on the premises, after exhibiting disorderly, disruptive, argumentative, angry and /or agitated behavior toward patrons.”

The family of Travis was also reported to have filed similar lawsuit against the rapper, claiming that they should have been prepared for potential violence, adding that their negligence led to Travis’ death.

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