Daddy Freeze Likes Cheap Publicity” — Majek Fashek Finally Breaks Silence

Veteran Nigerian reggae singer-songwriter and guitarist, Majek Fashek, has told controversial OAP Daddy Freeze that he will not allow him shine with his name because he loves cheap publicity.

Daddy Freeze had lambasted Fashek for performing at a concert held by the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly last Sunday.

While questioning, on Instagram, why Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo allowed a secular musician to perform in his church, the OAP said,

“I am still searching for the sense in this. I am a huge Majek fan, but do I want to see him perform in a church?”

However, in a reply to Daddy Freeze, Majek Fashek, who has been making serious attempts to redeem his music career, told Sunday Scoop that he didn’t understand why Daddy Freeze wanted to use his name to attain “cheap publicity”.

The ‘holy spirit’ crooner said,

“Before now, I never had issues with him. I am aware that he likes controversies, but he shouldn’t bring me into it. If you listen to my songs, you will realise that they can be played anywhere, including in the church. When I stepped into the church, everyone welcomed me. The pastor embraced me and introduced me to the audience. After all, sinners are welcome in the church.”

Uzoma Omenka,who is the manager of Majek Fashek, had earlier threatened to beat up Daddy Freeze, said he felt bad when he saw his comment because they had put in serious efforts to build Majek’s image after going through a turbulent phase in his life.

Omenka said,

“where I come from in Delta State, we don’t ignore things like that. We don’t give people opportunity to speak evil of us. I know what it has cost us to redeem Majek’s image, so nobody should attempt to destroy our hard work. I don’t want to join issues with him over what he said, but he must show Majek some respect.

“If he calls Majek out again like he recently did, I will flog him like a baby and take him for deliverance. This is not a threat; it is what I can do because I don’t take rubbish. We like peace, but when you look for our trouble, we don’t run from it.”

“Since we were in Abuja, I called a friend that we would be worshipping with them and he told me about their concert. Everyone was excited to see Majek when he came in. When they gave him a microphone to speak, do you expect him to reject it? He only sang for seconds and left the podium.

“Even if he had performed more than three songs, there was nothing bad in that. Majek’s songs such as Love and Affection, and Send Down the Rain glorify God. Majek is not just a musician; he is a crusader and preacher.”

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